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Why Our RotoVac Cleaning System Is Better.

Our Rotovac system brings a new level of clean to your home. This is not just basic steam cleaning. We have some of the newest technology available for restoring your carpets. Our new generation units are designed to deep clean all the way through to the fiber backing of the carpet yet not getting wet. While a typical cleaning wand may only 2 to 3 passes over your carpet our system will make several hundred passes in the same amount of time.This will leave your carpet sparkling clean and fresh. We really think we can surprise you with how much better our results are.

Heavily Soiled Traffic Areas?

This is where you will really see the difference. RotoVac cleaning will clean even the most soiled traffic areas. This special step gives you a deeper cleaning in high traffic areas to remove soil and residues others leave behind.

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question1Are your cleaning solutions safe for my home, family and pets?
Absolutely. Our non toxic gentle cleaning solution deep cleans your carpet while being friendly to our environment. We take great pride In being an Eco- Friendly Company.
question2How long will my carpet take to dry?
After using our ROTOVAC system carpets are left just slightly damp to the touch. Most carpets usually dry in 4-5 hours. However any areas that require additional cleaning or preconditioning may take longer to dry. If drying time is a concern, we can take special steps to try to speed this process up for you. You are able to walk on the carpet right after the cleaning. However, we recommend putting on a clean pair of slippers.
question3Does your cleaning include stain removal?
Yes. Our service includes treating for all spots and stains that have not dyed the fibers of your carpet. Red dye stains and pet stains are examples of stains that can dye or discolor carpets permanently. We are experts at treating difficult stains.
question4Can you treat pet stains and pet odor issues?
Yes. Our exclusive treatments eliminate urine deposits deep in your carpet. Our enzyme producing treatment can remove both stains and offensive odors, leaving your carpets fresh and sanitized. In severe cases, we can also treat the padding under the carpet.
question5Is my price based on square footage?e?
No. Our prices are based on rooms and mini areas. Mini Areas are defined as: hallways, bathrooms, entry ways and closets.
question6What do I have to do in preparation of my service?
We typically ask 3 things from our clients:

Open the blinds and curtains in the rooms to be cleaned so we get as much light on the carpet as possible.

Remove breakables from the furniture we will be moving.

Turn ceiling fans on to encourage fast drying times.

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